Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Melbourne casino 'not a convent' - 8th December 2009

Melbourne's Crown Casino says it operates within the law despite reports of criminal activity at the complex.

A police report from 2007, obtained under freedom of information laws, highlighted money laundering, prostitution and cheating are among the crimes committed at the casino over a three-year period.

Crown Casino spokesman, Gary O'Neil, says the casino is heavily regulated and has been found to operate within the law.

"There is more legislation, regulation, rules to be followed and adhered to, than any other business. And we do."

"We are put to the test, and the test is the VCGR have to determine whether we are a sufficiently well-regulated operation to deserve to continue to hold the licence, and they did that," he said.

He says the casino meets all the required standards for operation.

"I might say that I believe this casino is probably the best managed and the best regulated of any casino that I've experienced anywhere in the world," he said.

"But we are a casino. We are not the Star of the Sea convent. Things do go on. But we meet our obligations and our responsibilities in those areas."

He says the accusation of money laundering is two years old and the casino has done a lot of work to fix that problem.

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