Thursday, December 17, 2009

Court settles friends' $3.5m pokies jackpot row - 17th December 2009

A court has ordered $3.5 million in pokies winnings to be split between the woman who put the money in the machine and her friend who pushed the button after they fell out over the cash.

The two friends battled it out in court over who should pocket the mega-jackpot which was won in March at a casino near Montpellier, south-western France.

Marie-Hélène Jarguel put 50 euros ($A80) in the machine but was sued for a cut by her friend Francis Sune who claimed she had promised him a share and then backed out of the deal.

This week a judge decided that the win was a team effort, known in legal terms as an "association of gamblers", and awarded Miss Jarguel 80 per cent of the total and Mr Sune the remaining 20 per cent.

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