Friday, January 15, 2010

Right2bet Press Release - The Industry Fights Back! - 15th January 2010

The Industry Fights back!

It been another exciting week for the Right2bet campaign, with several 'fronts' having reopened in the war against supposedly 'consumer led' protectionist laws, many of which seem only to serve the interests of decreeing governments, leaving consumers short changed.

The big news is again from Poland, who you may remember recently introduced a spate of new laws after a corruption scandal implemented several politicians and lawmakers. Without allowing the dust to settle, Politicians in the country quickly banned all new ventures in the industry, restricting the consumer to the countries few existing land based Casinos and introducing strict new laws regarding online gambling. Only now has the European Commission taken a look into the situation, and unsurprisingly they don't appear to be impressed. Like us, they seem to believe that the new laws were not introduced to protect the Polish consumer (the only way a monopoly or heavily protectionist market can be introduced) but to deflect the political fallout from the corruption scandal, started by the very same Government!

Also in a little bit of bother over recently altered legislation are the French, who drew up plans over last year to restructure the market in France. Whilst the French system is moving in the right direction, the RGA and EGBA have noticed that the taxation structure imposed on companies is restrictive to the point of dissuading competition, not to mention the laws astonishing criminalisation of the betting exchange sector.

Similarly, the Right2bet blog this week reviewed the situation in the Italian market, several months after some of the restrictions on the countries betting and Casino gambling market were lifted. Whilst the move was certainly one in the right direction, a quick review of the current state of affairs shows that the former monopolies still control a staggering two thirds of the countries market, mainly due to the additional barriers to entry levied on foreign companies.

The Right2bet blog is available to view at, and keeps you updated with all the latest news regarding European gambling regulation, not to mention the array of interesting (and fun) features, such as the poetry corner and our forthcoming 'Renegade Ref' video series!

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